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Coastal Flood Risk mapping

Lidar processing and Flood Risk Mapping for the Communities of the District of Lunenburg, Oxford-Port Howe, Town and District of Yarmouth, Chignecto Isthmus and Minas Basin
Tim Webster, Kevin McGuigan and Candace MacDonald
Applied Geomatics Research Group
Centre of Geographic Sciences
Nova Scotia Community College, Middleton
Tel. 902 825 5475
email: timothy [dot] webster [at] nscc [dot] ca

Executive Summary

Storm surges eroding P.E.I.

The intensity of storm surges is taking a toll on Prince Edward Island's coastlines.  Tim Webster presented at the Atlantic Regional Adaptation Collaborative on Climate Change at UPEI on Tuesday.  You may check out the news story at

Mapping Glossary

Feature types
Map features are either point, line of polygon. Depending on the map scale, a feature may appear as a polygon on a large scale map (1:5,000) but as a point on a small scale map (1:100,000)
This should not be confused with topography (elevation). Topology is the mathematics of relationships. In the world of GIS, it refers to such relationships as adjacency (e.g. two property parcels next to each other), connectivity (i.e. a road segment joins at an intersection) and spatial overlay. We can overlay a polygon layer (e.g. park) with a distribution of bird sightings (e.g. points) and determine how many and which sightings occur within the park.
A map can be deconstructed into a series of layers.

Nova Scotia Solar Resource Maps

We have added solar resource maps for the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, showing solar energy for the month of July for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 calendar years. See the maps.

solar map july 2007

Nova Scotia Solar Resource Maps

July Solar Comparison

David Colville (AGRG), Wayne Reiger (AGRG), Steven Bird (AGRG)

Construction of the Annapolis Valley Digital Elevation Model from LiDAR

Applied Geomatics Research Group
Centre of Geographic Sciences
NSCC, Middleton, NS
Tel. 902 825 5475
Fax 902 825 5479
email: timothy [dot] webster [at] nscc [dot] ca

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