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Project Title: Evaluating a topo-bathymetric lidar sensor to map river channels for improved hydrodynamic flood risk mapping

Project Partner: CBCL

Parsons Investments Ltd

Project Title: Tools to Assess Flood Risk of Commercial Property Investment

Project Partner: Parsons Investments Ltd. is a Nova Scotian owned property management company with commercial, industrial, retail, and residential space located around the province. Parsons Investments owns more than 450,000 square feet in commercial properties and 150 residential properties in Nova Scotia, many of which are in the rural areas, which helps to drive the local rural economy in many small communities across the province. As Parsons Investments expands and invests in new areas of rural NS, they are looking to develop tools to assist in making smart coastal investment choices.

Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL)

Project Title: Quantification of Harvestable Seaweed using a Topo-bathymetric Lidar System

Project Partner: Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL)

Leading Edge Geomatics Partnership

Project Title: Leading Edge Geomatics Partnership

Project Partner: Leading Edge Geomatics

Pieridae Energy

Project Title: Bathymetric lidar to support pre-engineering analysis for marine liquefied natural gas transport infrastructure

Project Partner: Pieridae Energy is an energy infrastructure development company focused on liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunities. Founded in 2011, the company is developing a fully integrated LNG infrastructure business. Pieridae’s management team has extensive LNG experience and deep connections to the LNG industry worldwide. Pieridae is currently developing Goldboro LNG, a proposed export LNG terminal located in Goldboro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tim Webster at Leica Airborne Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

Tim Webster at the European Leica Airborne Solutions’ User Group Meeting in Barcelona, Spain with (left to right) Anders Ekelund from Sweden (Vice President Airborne lidar for  Leica Geosystems), John Welter from Switzerland (President, Leica Geosystems), Tim Webster (NSCC-AGRG), and Ron Roth from USA (Product Manager, Airborne lidar for Leica Geosystems).

Tim Webster at European Leica Airborne Users Meeting


“Workshop Presenting NSERC funded NSCC-Industry Research Projects Utilizing the Topo-Bathymetric Lidar Sensor in the Maritimes”

At the Windsor Room, Prince George Hotel, 1925 Market St., Halifax, NS
On Tuesday, March 1: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Complimentary Lunch & Refreshments

Please RSVP, we have a limited space!

Workshop Graphic

Some AGRG staff at Leica Airborne Hydrography in Sweden

Anders Ekelund of Leica Airborne Hydrography in Sweden (far left) is hosting some AGRG researchers (left to right Nathan, Tim, Matt and Kevin). They are discussing some software development work on the airborne topo-bathymetric lidar software planned for this year.

Some AGRG staff at Leica Airborne Hydrography in Sweden

AGRG Coastal Team Concludes Active Summer of Fieldwork and Gears up for the next Topo-Bathy lidar Mission

Below is a photo of the entire coastal team taken after a day of deploying underwater light sensors, a Hydrolab water quality probe with a turbidity sensor. This fieldwork was conducted to acquire a time series of light levels at various water level and water quality conditions as this directly effects how deep the green laser on the topo-bathymetric lidar sensor will penetrate. Other data collected near the light sensor deployment sites includes an AGRG weather station and tide gauge. We also deployed our RiverRay current metre to a fixed mooring to evaluate how the down-looking ACDP would work to measure the water level and currents along the coast.

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