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The AGRG Team

The AGRG team is made up of leading research scientists in the field of geomatics as well as adjunct scientists, research associates and student interns. They bring a wealth of national and international experience and expertise to AGRG, our partners and our clients.

Applied Geomatics Research is applying a suite of Geomatics technologies to solve environmental, health and social issues. These include GPS surveying, Remote Sensing and GIS technologies. We also have an environmental instrumentation network and airborne and ground based LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging).

The Community Mapping Project

This Spring, AGRG initiated two different approaches to community mapping:

  1. working with government and non-government agencies on training communities to use web-GIS tools;
  2. working with communities on the creation of maps which can be served and updated via the Internet.
The Rural Secretariat

In 2007, Jeff Wentzell developed training materials for the new Community Information Database (CID) web-GIS tool. This tool uses Statistical Canada census data to allow community groups to produce their own socio-economic profiles. In 2009, Rob MacQuarrie updated the training materials to reflect the new CID functionality, the new census (2006) and to provide French translation of the training materials (from NBCC).


The best way for you to see how we can be of service to your company or organization, how we can promote economic development for your community, or how we can help your business find new opportunities is to see us in action. We invite you to examine the following case studies, current and past.

See the list at the left.


Bill Livingstone
Research Project Manager
Phone: 902-825-5434
Email: Bill [dot] Livingstone [at] nscc [dot] ca

David Colville
Research Scientist
Phone: 902-825-5476
Email: David [dot] Colville [at] nscc [dot] ca

Tim Webster
Research Scientist
Phone: 902-825-5475
Email: Tim [dot] Webster [at] nscc [dot] ca

Brenda Veinot
Administrative Assistant - Research
Phone: 902-825-5433
Email: Brenda [dot] Veinot [at] nscc [dot] ca

For any questions or comments regarding this website, please contact:

Nathan Kendall
Email: nkendall [at] nscc [dot] ca

For details on entry into the Advanced Diploma programs at COGS contact:

Nova Scotia Department of Energy announces the Nova Scotia Wind Atlas

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy has released the Nova Scotia Wind Atlas, developed in a partnership with the K.C. Irving Chair in Sustainable Development at the Université de Moncton and the Applied Geomatics Research Group at the Nova Scotia Community College.

A more detailed announcement here.

Applied Geomatics Research Group

Mapping your world.

Geomatics is the science of data collection, spatial analysis, database management and visualization of the earth's geography. The technology includes geographic information systems, global positioning systems and remote sensing.

The Applied Geomatics Research Group is a leader in the integration of these technologies and their use in the environmental sciences, in collaboration with the private sector, government agencies, universities and the general public.

Ride the Lobster

Ride the Lobster is an 800km international unicycle race scheduled fo the 16-20th June 2008 across Nova Scotia.

As part of the buildup to the race, there are two public events planned:

NSHRF Workshop: Mapping Health Geography in Nova Scotia: Opportunities in Health Geomatics

NSHRF in partnership with the Nova Scotia Community College Applied Geomatics Research Group and the RURAL Centre present: Mapping Health Geography in Nova Scotia: Opportunities in Health Geomatics October 29th & 30th, 2007. Please click here for more information including registration to this exciting workshop.

AGRG has received the 2007 HP Technology for Teaching Grant

The Applied Geomatics Research Group has been selected to receive funding under the 2007 HP Technology for Teaching Grant.

this grant initiative is designed to improve student success and engage the faculty through the innovative implementation of mobile technology in the classroom. Our goal is that the HP Technology for Teaching Initiative supports the development of mobile technology environments that, at their fullest implementation, will:

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