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Research Associates

The backbone of any research project is the team that enables its success. Working with the Research Scientists, these dedicated Research Associates are instrumental to the success of every project.

Kate Collins - Research Associate, Coastal Oceanographer

Kate has been a Research Associate at NSCC-AGRG since 2011, and specializes in coastal applications including bathymetric lidar data, eelgrass distribution, aquaculture, and hydrodynamic modelling. Ms. Collins has an MSc in Physical Oceanography from UBC and works with various data types in all stages, from field acquisition, to processing and analysis, modelling, visual representation, final report preparation and publication of results.

Nathan Crowell - Research Associate

Nathan Crowell is a Research Associate who has been employed by AGRG since 2009. Mr. Crowell has an MSc in Applied Geomatics from Acadia University, an advanced diploma in Remote Sensing from NSCC’s Centre of Geographic Sciences, and a BSc in Biology from Acadia University. He specializes in lidar and multibeam sonar data collection and hydrodynamic modelling to support ecosystem and flood-risk management.

Candace MacDonald - Research Associate, Coastal Remote Sensing and Flood Mapping

Candace has been part of AGRG’s Coastal Research Team since 2010. Candace’s duties and skills are highly varied, but include multispectral satellite imagery interpretation and analysis; survey grade GPS mission planning, execution, and post-processing; and lidar acquisition, post-processing and analysis for widely varied purposes including flood risk mapping and detection of forgotten archaeological features. Candace’s position requires her to be involved with research projects from start to finish, from planning the project and required data acquisition, to executing the field work for data collection and validation, to post-processing and analyzing the acquired data to solve research problems for industry partners. She is an expert in complex raster and spatial GIS analysis, and uses the remotely acquired data she and other members of the Coastal Research Team collect using a wide range of high-tech equipment such as a shallow water bathymetric lidar system, a 3D mobile mapping lidar unit, and a multibeam echosounder. Candace is an expert in the construction of maps and other visual products for our clients, and regularly presents project results at well-known conferences around Atlantic Canada.

Kevin McGuigan - Research Associate

Kevin K. McGuigan is a Research Associate who began working at NSCC’s AGRG in 2010 after obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Remote Sensing from the Centre of Geographic Sciences. He specializes in aerial lidar data research, low altitude aerial photography, and hydrodynamic modeling. He has completed research projects involving high-resolution 1D-2D hydrodynamic flood modelling for various coastal and inland regions throughout the Maritimes. Kevin has a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences from St Francis Xavier University. His recent research involves aerial bathymetric lidar feature recognition, waveform visualization, and hydrological network mapping automation.

Wayne Reiger - Research Associate

Wayne is responsible for a variety of tasks involving our network of environmental instrumentation. This includes the collection, processing, and Internet delivery of meteorological data; the deployment and technical maintenance of the environmental instrumentation; the deployment and technical maintenance of wireless networks for remote access to the data; and process, analyze, map and display meteorological data.

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