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Coastal Research Team Gearing up for Summer Fieldwork

Coastal Research Team

With the field season around the corner and a new round of topo-bathymetric lidar missions planned for mid-July, Dr. Tim Webster and his team of research associates have brought on some additional staff to work for them for the summer. In the photo back row left to right: Kate Collins - permanent research associate (coastal oceanographer), David Kristiansen - contract research associate (web developer), Matt Roscoe - contract research associate (programmer - GIS analyst), Tim Webster - research scientist, Kevin McGuigan - permanent research associate (hydrodynamic modeler), Candace MacDonald - permanent research associate (remote sensing & flood risk mapping), Nathan Crowell - permanent research associate (topo-bathymetric lidar. Front row left to right: Stephen King - research assistant (1st year Geographic Sciences COGS), Mitchell Logie- research assistant (1st year Geographic Sciences COGS), Sean Dzafavic - research assistant (Ocean Technology - NSCC), Calvin Gough - research assistant employed by Acadian Seaplants (Environmental Engineering - Dalhousie University), Tyler Yorke - research assistant (1st year Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology NSCC).



With this broad range of skills and technical backgrounds, the team can cover a wide range of research topics. 

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