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AGRG research makes the news

The research on flood-risk mapping of coastal and estuarine areas was in the news in July. Tim Webster was interviewed by Brigitte Noel of the CBC Fredericton television about the vintage of flood-risk maps in the Maritimes and the need to update such maps. Obviously the past experience of AGRG with lidar and flood risk mapping was the foundation of the interview related to “New Mapping Tools” and the improvements in science and our understanding of things like sea-level rise and crustal subsidence. The CBC pulled some video footage from past interviews and produced a fairly comprehensive piece for the story which can be seen at


Later in July, Tim Webster and Kevin McGuigan presented the results of the group’s flood-risk project for the town of Bridgewater to the town council meeting. This was a significant project that required a coastal ocean model to be linked to a watershed river runoff model in order to assess the risk of the town to flooding from storm-surge events or long-term sea-level rise or river discharge events, or a combination of the two. It turns out the main part of the town located along the LaHave River are more vulnerable to flooding from a storm-surge today or sea-level rise in the future as compared to increased river runoff from upstream. The council meetings are televised and covered by the media who reported the story of the presentation in the South Shore Now newspaper. The online version of the article can be seen at

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