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Big CFI win for a Bathymetric lidar system, April 26’13

As usual we have been very busy at AGRG, with the end of March projects being wrapped up. The team of Kevin, Candace and Nathan, with help from Kate who is off looking after a new member of her family all came through to deliver excellent research products. Some of the highlights were a project with Agriculture Canada to use our existing hydrodynamic model of the Nappan River to do adaptation planning and estimate volumes for things like adding a new dyke and one-way culvert, or raising the roadbed. We also completed phase 2 of a project using lidar to map objects that penetrate the Obstruction Limitation surface for 14 Wing Greenwood airfields. The day I was leaving for Australia to attend the Shellfish Safety Conference where we presented on our Water Quality Prediction System I got word that we won our CFI grant application “Advanced Mapping and Monitoring within the Coastal Zone to support Sustainable Harvesting and Coastal Development” of which I am the Principal Investigator. The project funds infrastructure-equipment for research under the College-Industry Innovation Fund ( Our industry partners include: Acadian Seaplants, GeoNet Technologies Inc., Nova Scotia Power, McGregor GeoScience, and Leading Edge Geomatics. The total project is for $ 2,009,252, of which CFI has awarded us $ 798,906. Now we are applying to the Nova Scotia Research Innovative Trust for the matching $ 798,906. Industry has committed $ 496,875 of which $ 60,000 will be in cash and $ 436,875 will be in-kind. As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, I am helping organize COGS hosting the ACCESS Conference ( and will be hosting a guest speaker from the USGS, Dr. John Brock, an expert in bathy lidar. (

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