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CIG April Seminar

04/09/2009 12:00 am
04/09/2009 1:30 pm

Location: NSCC Annapolis Valley Campus Lawrencetown

Title: GIS and GPS in Ground Search And Rescue (SAR)

Eugene F. Peters, P. Eng., Digital Mapping Coordinator
Halifax Regional Search and Rescue

Probably the most important resource during a ground search for a lost person besides the human resource, that is a trained searcher, is an appropriate map and location determining technologies, i.e. a map and compass. Using current mapping, GIS and GPS for efficient search strategy and field team management in Ground Search and Rescue in the Maritime Provinces.

In the Maritime Provinces we have a treasure chest of map datasets over and above the tried and true (yet tired) National Topographic Series maps. 1:10,000 series topo maps, Coastal Series maps, orthophotos and other datasets combined with the ease of navigation using handheld GPS receivers make efficient work of field navigation. And now, throw in the real-time tracking of the field teams on a GIS, and you have the stuff that movies are made of.

Biography for the presenter:

  • Graduate of UNB Surveying Engineering.
  • Worked as a survey engineer in the offshore oil exploration industry for several years.
  • Worked as a survey engineer in the near-shore dredging and marine construction industry for several years.
  • Worked for Public Works and Government Services Canada for many years, first as a field surveyor, then as a survey engineer and GIS specialist.
  • As an avid outdoors person I wanted to learn how to take care of myself in the woods, so I joined volunteer Ground Search and Rescue. I ended up fulfilling that, then I was able to give back to the organization by integrating new map datasets, GIS, and GPS tools for more efficient search management and field-team tracking.

The seminar is open to anyone so please pass on to people who you think maybe interested in the subject.

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