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NSERC workshop: Business Development Opportunities with AGRG

03/30/2009 7:00 pm

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) are sponsoring an industry workshop for the Geomatics sector on the business development opportunities arising from the Applied Research at the Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG). We will address: current research, opportunities, mechanisms for collaboration and next steps.

New Opportunities for Geomatics industry

The Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG) in Middleton, Nova Scotia, sponsored by NSERC, is hosting a workshop on the opportunities for Geomatics companies in the region to partner with AGRG on applied research. The context is the NSCC NSERC CCI Letter of Intent (LOI)(see attached). In April 2009, NSERC may ask for a full proposal.

From the perspective of AGRG, the following topics are on the table:

  • Data sharing
  • Access to LiDAR and other technologies
  • Sharing expertise

 Under the LOI, AGRG is seeking business partners for flying LiDAR missions, maintaining our meteorological network, developing GIS applications and providing services to government and industry.

Presently, AGRG has ACOA funding for watershed quality research. Our business partners are ESRI Canada, GeoNet Technologies, Scotia Weather Services, LDI3 and Golder Associates. At the corporate level, NSCC has a partner agreement with Nova Scotia Power Inc.

In the NSERC LOI, we make explicit reference to agriculture, tourism and health sectors. There may be additional interest in other sectors e.g. alternative energy and the ‘green’ economy.

Location: Lord Nelson Hotel, Admiral Room

Date: Monday March 30th 2009

Time : 7 pm start

Snacks will be available. There will be a cash bar.

In attendance:

AGRG        Bob Maher, Tim Webster, Chris Hopkinson, David Colville

Business Incubation Centre: Jeff Wentzell

ADEDA:    Mike Gushue

NSCC:     Jim Stanley, David Woolnough, Bruce Tawse

Draft Agenda

  1. What is Applied Geomatics ?
  2. What are the opportunities ?
  3. What mechanisms exist today for collaboration ?
  4. What new mechanisms can be put in place ?
  5. What are the specific requirements for the NSERC CCI ?
  6. Next Steps.
  7. Open Question and Answer session

Follow Up

  1. We will organize one-on-one sessions with individual businesses. Time frame: April – May 2009
  2. We will host TechSocial in the Annapolis Valley. Location: Bridgetown. Date: April 2009.  
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